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About us

Oct 09, 2020 3079

Welcoming Speech


I would like to welcome you to our web page. I hope this website will help you to have a better understanding of the activities we implement, topics we deal with and the ideas we strongly believe in and struggle for. Harmful traditional practices affecting women's rights are unfortunately still very prevalent in the country. The complexities of violence against women are vast and enormous and the issue requires our full attention. It speaks to our commitment to fight some of the biggest challenges of our time with common purpose and shared urgency.

To cast a glance back I would like to mention that since 1991 we have done much in changing public opinion and focusing it on the problems connected with women’s issues in Armenia. Numerous conferences, seminars and round tables, public and parliamentary hearings devoted to the basic problems of women’s rights protection have been organized collaborating with mass media, protecting women’s rights and supporting formation of gender policy in mass media.

Actually, the guarantees of the efficient work are permanent financial and ideological support from the state as well as from international organizations and donors; expansion of research on women’s rights which in their turn will help to develop efficient state policy and inclusion of the problem in the state budget; training of leaders of women’s organizations especially how to present and push forward interests of women’s NGOs at all government levels and international instances. It is also necessary to stimulate a closer cooperation between women’s NGOs and state bodies at the local, regional, national and international levels. Finally, of equal importance is the coordination of activity of women’s organizations to develop joint strategies and new methods on women human rights.

So, in order to strengthen women human rights, WRC will not leave any one behind and will work with all partners including, government, civil society and NGO's on women rights, as it is, therefore, our opportunity and our obligation to our future and ourselves is to establish, enforce and protect the right to be free from violence at the hands of any hostile force enabling women to take ownership of their lives, their bodies and their destinies.

The world cannot afford the costs of violence against women, it speaks to our commitment to fight some of the biggest challenges of our time presenting the most active part of public sector.

I am convinced that the day of our shared future has come and the issue of women’s rights has a natural sound in Armenia.


Susanna Vardanyan,

Founder and President of Women’s Rights Center

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