Awareness Raising and Educational Campaigns

Oct 09, 2020 3233

Awareness raising and educational campaigns on domestic violence are very significant for breaking silence on violence against women and making society take responsibility for ending it. Besides, they play important role for changing society’s attitude and mindset towards domestic violence. Women’s Rights Center (WRC) implements different awareness raising actions and educational campaigns to throw light upon domestic violence phenomenon, to increase knowledge of our society on violence against women generally and domestic violence particularly. WRC is implementing supportive services such as organizing trainings for WRC beneficiaries as well as for women interested in their human rights, particularly in the right to be free from violence, and organizing trainings for Police officers on Domestic Violence. WRC is also planning to organize trainings for women, women survivors subjected to domestic violence and Police officers in some regions of Armenia and in Yerevan which will end with round table discussions and writing recommendations. Besides this, under the funding from the European Union, Women’s Rights Center (WRC) is taking awareness raising actions through the series of the TV program named “Talks about women’s rights'' on Shant TV. Besides this, another effective means of information dissemination is offline promotional strategy which includes spreading information through booklets, leaflets and TV broadcasting as well as online promoting via social platforms such as,, and The other online promotional tool is mailing list creation for keeping certain government, police structures, certain international and local NGOs as well as certain individuals updated and informed on WRC’s ongoing activities, news, services, publications and events. These activities serve as a link between society and Women's Rights Center on explaining what domestic violence is and our services in this regard. They also play significant role in transforming social stereotypes, promoting certain social behavior patterns and values. All activities, periodical actions, information campaigns and outreach programs realized by WRC are aimed at creating less indifferent and more intolerant attitude towards domestic violence, disseminating information on Women’s Rights Center’s supportive services for prevention of domestic violence in Armenia.

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