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Protest Action of the Coalition in front of RA Government (04.11.2016)
The Coalition to Stop Violence against Women continues protest actions against CES. This time the action took place in front of RA Government on November 3, 2016. The action participants called to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice and members of the Government to focus attention on the gaps in CES activities and their elimination. 
Protest Action of the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women in front of the CES (02.11.2016)
On November 1, 2016 the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women organized a protect action raising the issue of the inactivity of the RA MoJ Compulsory Enforcement Services. The aim of this action was to protect rights of the women who have legally valid judicial decisions on their children and the CES does not provide the execution of these decisions.
Public Discussion of the RA Constitutional Draft Law on Human Rights Defender (26.10.2016)
On October 25, 2016 a public discussion of the RA Constitutional Draft Law on Human Rights Defender took place in Yerevan, at «Radisson Blue» Hotel with the participation of the Human Rights Defender and its office staff representatives, as well as representatives of the RA National Assembly, RA Ministry of Justice and non-governmental organizations. 
ASTRA Network Annual Workshop (26.10.2016)
On October 24-25, 2016 ASTRA Central and Eastern European Women’s Network for Reproductive and Sexual Rights and Health organized a two days regional workshop for women's rights advocates, which took place in Warsaw. The workshop addressed threats to reproductive rights in Central and Eastern Europe. Members form 14 countries participated in it, including Women's Rights Center. 
The 18th WAVE Conference (25.10.2016)
The 18th WAVE Conference under the slogan “Step Up! Europe – Unite to end violence against women and their children took place on November 19 – 21, 2016 in Berlin. The first day of the Conference was devoted to the 5th anniversary of the adoption of Istanbul Convention and Wave Step up Campaign activities to ratify and implement convention provisions by the states, introduction and discussion of the situation of refugee women, gender-based violence and racism in Europe, effective actions in measuring and preventing violence against women in Europe, and efforts and increasing investments in justice, protection and support for women survivors of violence.
Sports and Adventure: a Visit to Hippodrome (24.10.2016)
If you want children to be closer to the nature let them communicate more with the animals! On October 21 children beneficiaries of Women's Rights Center visited Hyppodrome near the Yerevan Zoological Garden to have a horse riding training. The main aims of this training were to educate children on how to saddle, to manage the bridle, to command a horse to stop, move or change the direction. 
Training session on the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (20.10.2016)
On October 20, 2016 a training session on understanding the Istanbul Convention was organized by the Council of Europe and the Human Rights Defender of Armenia for the office of the Human Rights Defender, representatives of non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders. It took place at the meeting room Levon of Cilicia at Marriott Hotel, Yerevan. The presentation was made by CoE expert Javier Truchero who participated in the elaboration of the Convention and introduced its purposes that is Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Comprehensive Policies for provision of holistic approach to combating violence against women and domestic violence. 
Participation in «Out of the Frameworks» Radio Program (06.10.2016)
On October 6 Women's Rights Center participated in «Out of the Frameworks» Radio Program by Sputnik-Armenia radio channel (106 FM). The speakers were WRC lawyer A. Avetisyan, psychologist A. Arakelyan, as well as one of the Center's beneficiaries. The program was devoted to the following themes: the impact of divorce on psychological state of children, domestic violence and its consequences, possible ways of domestic violence prevention. 
National Day to Combat Domestic Violence (03.10.2016)
Every year on October 1 the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women organizes actions to celebrate the National Day to Combat Domestic Violence. This year was not an exception as well. The action started at 12:00 in front of the subway station at the Square after G. Nzhdeh in Shengavit district where participants exhibited white T-shirts with images drawn on them by women victims of domestic violence and a big poster where passers by could take a photo.
Meeting-discussion on “Domestic violence in Armenia, homicides and heavy injuries between family members” (03.10.2016)
From September 30 till October 1, 2016 a meeting-discussion on “Domestic violence in Armenia, homicides and heavy injuries between family members” took place at «Mariott» Hotel in Tsaghkadzor with participation of the Heads of Central and Regional Departments of RA Investigative Committee, Deputy Director of RA Investigative Committee and representatives of non-governmental organizations.
At the Yerevan Zoo (02.10.2016)
In autumn, on September 30, Women’s Rights Center again organized a visit to Yerevan Zoological Garden for its beneficiaries. At the Zoo women and children had the opportunity to watch different wildlife, predator animals and birds, read interesting information about them and their habitat.
Press Conference at Media Center on "Current Challenges in Combating Domestic Violence" (29.09.2016)
On September 29, 2016 at 12:00 a press conference on «Current Challenges in Combating Domestic Violence» took place at Media Center. It was organized by the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women on the threshold of October 1 announced by the Coalition as the National Day to Combat Domestic Violence. The speakers were Hasmik Gevorgyan, Project Coordinator at Women's Support Center NGO, Susanna Vardanyan, Founder and President of Women’s Rights Center, Taguhi Mansuryan, victim of domestic violence, Tatevik Aghabekyan, Project Coordinator at Sexual Violence Crisis Center.
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