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At the Yerevan Zoo (03.10.2016)
In autumn, on September 30, Women’s Rights Center again organized a visit to Yerevan Zoological Garden for its beneficiaries. At the Zoo women and children had the opportunity to watch different wildlife, predator animals and birds, read interesting information about them and their habitat.
Press Conference at Media Center on "Current Challenges in Combating Domestic Violence" (30.09.2016)
On September 29, 2016 at 12:00 a press conference on «Current Challenges in Combating Domestic Violence» took place at Media Center. It was organized by the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women on the threshold of October 1 announced by the Coalition as the National Day to Combat Domestic Violence. The speakers were Hasmik Gevorgyan, Project Coordinator at Women's Support Center NGO, Susanna Vardanyan, Founder and President of Women’s Rights Center, Taguhi Mansuryan, victim of domestic violence, Tatevik Aghabekyan, Project Coordinator at Sexual Violence Crisis Center.
Fundraising and Resource Strategies Workshop (27.09.2016)
On September 21-24, 2016 a Fundraising and Resource Strategies Workshop was conducted by The Advocates for Human Rights in Tbilisi, Georgia. NGO representatives from Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Romania, Spain and Ukraine took part in the workshop.
Anti-Discrimination Training in Aghveran (27.09.2016)
On September 22-24 Training on anti-discrimination and bulding capacities on LGBTI issues took place in Park Resort Aghveran hotel with participation of representatives from different non-governmental organizations.
Visit to «Tnak» Child Development Center (19.09.2016)
On September 15 children-beneficiaries of Women’s Rights Center were invited to “Tnak” Child Development Center for entertaining and educational event. With the help of the Center's staff children prepared cookies shaped in form of different animals on their own.
Second Workshop Devoted to the Promotion of Coordinated Response to Domestic Violence Cases (16.09.2016)
The series of domestic violence trainings implemented by Women’s Rights Center was concluded with a workshop. It took place on September 15 in “Nairi” Hall of “Ani Plaza” Hotel. Pedagogues, psychologists, social workers, policemen, students of the faculty of law and obstetrician-gynecologists participated in the workshop. There were official representatives from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Police Academy, General Prosecutor's Office and Yerevan Municipality as well. The main issue of the workshop was providing coordinated response to domestic violence cases. 
Training on Domestic Violence for Pedagogues (26.08.2016)
Last training on domestic violence was held with pedagogues of 9 Yerevan schools on August 25. Psychologists, social workers and special teachers were the participants of the training. It was aimed at making them acquainted with the issue of domestic violence. Types of domestic violence, their connections and interrelationships have been presented to the participants. 
Training on Domestic Violence in Shirak Region (16.08.2016)
On August 15, 2016 Women’s Rights Center held domestic violence training in Shirak region. Teachers, social workers, specialists from the Department of Family, Women and Children issues of the Regional Municipality as well as representatives of other organizations participated in the training. 
Watching Cartoon at “Moscow” Cinema (15.08.2016)

WRC Cultural Outreach Program continues! This time children beneficiaries attended “Moscow” Cinema to watch the “Ice Age: Collicion Course” cartoon in 2D format. A group of 8 children accompanied by one of the parents and Women’s Rights Center’s representative met at Charles Aznavour square near the 12 constellations fountain.  

Protest Action against «Half Opened Windows» TV Show (10.08.2016)
On August 9 at 10:00 the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women organized a protest action in front of «Armenia» TV Company. It was aimed to attract attention of the media holding to the «Dangerous Silence» release of the «Half Opened Windows» TV show, the invited guest of which (Vladik Martirosyan) axed his ex-mother-in-law and severely wounded his ex-wife and ex-father-in-law on July 8, 2016 in Shengavit, district of Yerevan.
Children's Visit to the Victory Park (01.08.2016)
On July 27 Women's Rights Center organized visit to the Victory Park for children beneficiaries of different ages. At the entrance of the Park children get acquainted to the «Ear of Wheat» memorial. The Center’s staff member introduced the meaning and purpose of the memorial as well as told children about the history of Park creation. Children listened attentively and were surprised to reveal new things and asked numerous questions.
Training on Domestic Violence in Gegharkunik region (25.07.2016)
On July 21, 2016 Women's Rights Center conducted domestic violence training in Gegharkunik region. Representatives of educational system, as well as leading specialists from the Depatment of Family, Women and Children issues of the Regional Municipality participated in the training. 


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