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Next training on domestic violence for the pedagogues of Yerevan schools (17.06.2016)
Training on domestic violence for teachers, psychologists and social pedagogues of 10 schools of Yerevan took place on June 16, 2016. Firstly participants distinguished types of domestic violence, their interconnection and impact on each other. Then introduction of causes and characteristics of domestic violence followed as well as obviousness of the fact that its victims are socially and legally unprotected.
Training on domestic violence in Lori region (13.06.2016)
Training on domestic violence in Lori region was organized for school teachers, psychologists and social pedagogues. Representatives of the Department of Family, Women and Children's Rights Protection of the Regional Government were also invited to the training. It took place on June 10, 2016 and started with the definition of domestic violence, followed by the introduction of the types and causes of domestic violence as well as legal protection mechanisms and structures supporting domestic violence victims. Its negative impact especially on children was highlighted during the training.
International Children's Day (03.06.2016)
On June 1, an entertaining program was organized by Women's Rights Center's staff for our children-beneficiaries. The program started at the Liberty Square, where children participated in the funny programs and entertaining games. Then the group moved to the Northern Avenue, where children listened to nursery rhymes and received different presents.
Press Conference on "Domestic Violence and Femicide Cases in Armenia: presentation of a new report" (31.05.2016)
On May 31, 2016 press conference on «Domestic Violence and Femicide Cases in Armenia: presentation of a new report» took place at «Media Center». Representatives of the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women, including Women's Rights Center's attorney E. Danielyan participated in the conference and presented a new report «Femicide in Armenia: a Silent Epidemic» devoted to the cases of femicide in Armenia.
Visit to Yerevan Zoological Garden (24.05.2016)
On May 19 Women’s Rights Center’s staff organized visit to Yerevan Zoo for women and their children supported by the Center. Before the entrance a short discussion on what animals children like, and what pet they would like to have at home took place. Then children entered the Zoo accompanied by parents and the Child Psychologist and walked through the park watching animals. 
Participation in the Training "Upgrading Professional Skills of Community Stakeholder Structures Working in the Area of Domestic Violence" (23.05.2016)
On May 19 and 20, 2016 training on “Upgrading Professional Skills of Community Stakeholder Structures Working in the Area of Domestic Violence” organized by the “Social Justice” non-governmental organization took place in Armenia Mariott Hotel in Tsaghkadzor. Representatives of community police departments, juvenile affairs police departments, commissions of trusteeship and custodianship, social support centers and non-governmental organizations, including Women’s Rights Center’s lawyer A. Avvetisyan participated in the training.
Training on Domestic Violence for the Inspectors of RA Police Provincial Divisions (19.05.2016)
Training on domestic violence for the Inspectors of RA Police Provincial Divisions took place on May 19 in RA Police Training Center. Training was aimed at raising the participants' awareness on the issue of domestic violence. Types, consequences and causes of domestic violence were introduced to them. Each of the inspectors was trying to give definition for domestic violence and to distinguish its types. 
Training on Domestic Violence in Armenian State Pedagogical University (15.05.2016)
On May 13, 2016 the next training on domestic violence took place in Armenian State Pedagogical University. Students from the Faculty of History and Jurisprudence participated in it. Training started with how students would define domestic violence and particpants actively brought examples of domestic violence cases as they understood it. Trainers also introduced different situations and suggested students to choose which cases of violence were considered to be domestic. 
Presentation of report "Femicide in Armenia: A Silent Epidemic" (11.05.2016)
On May 11 the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women organized presentation of the report «Femicide in Armenia: A Silent Epidemic» at the Ball Room of Yerevan Best Western Congress Hotel. The term femicideand relevant statistical data was presented during this event emphisizing not only quantitative information, but qualitative as well.
Training for social workers and psychologists working in the area of domestic violence (10.05.2016)
On April 29 and 30 in Yerevan Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation organized training for psychologists and social workers working with victims of domestic violence. The event started with the opening speech of Mr. Morten Edenberge, Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs. The two-day lecture conducted by Swedish psychotherapist Josef Grande, who has specialized in working with gender based violence for the last 20 years, and Linnea Halvarsone, Gender Based Violence Consultant at Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation.
Workshop Devoted to the Promotion of Coordinated Response to Domestic Violence Cases (02.05.2016)
On April 28, 2016 the workshop devoted to the promotion of coordinated response to domestic violence cases took place in “Nairi” Hall of “Ani Plaza” Hotel. School teachers and psychologists, social workers, police officers as well as representatives of Yerevan Municipality, RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, RA Police Academy participated in the event. The workshop was opened with presentation of domestic violence problem and distinctive criteria for definition of domestic violence victim were presented.
Discussion on "Armenia and the Future of Eastern Partnership" theme (25.04.2016)
On April 22, 2016 a lecture and discussion on “Armenia and the Future of Eastern Partnership” theme took place at the Center for European Studies of the Yerevan State University (YSU). The event was opened by Dr. Thomas Schrapel, Head of Regional Program Political Dialogue South Caucasus of Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAF). Dr. Ruben Markosyan, Vice-Rector of YSU, in his turn expressed words of gratitude to Dr. Schrapel for his visit to Armenia and participation in the event. 
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