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Discussion on ''The Promotion of Human Rights Protection in Armenia'' (20.04.2018)
On April 20, 2018 at Armenia Marriott Hotel a discussion took place on “The Promotion of Human Rights Protection in Armenia”. During the discussion the representatives of RA Human Rights Defender Michael Khachatryan, Head of International Cooperation Department and Lusine Sargsyan, Head of Research and Education Center made speeches.
The twelfth TV program of the series «Conversations on Women's Rights 2» (23.03.2018)
The guests of this program were Gayane Avagyan, Head of the Division of Maternal and Reproductive Health Protection of RA Ministry of Health, and Melody Tamarzians, Youth Ambassador on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. G. Avagyan introduced the functions of RA Ministry of Health and opportunities envisaged by the recently adopted law, as well as the implemented work and guidelines.
Musical “Krispi Mouse” (19.03.2018)
On March 16, 2018 a regular event was organized for children beneficiaries of Women's Rights Center, this time - a visit to the State Chamber Musical Theater for watching the “Krispi Mouse” musical performance for children. The musical featured various adventures of Krispi Mouse who tried to create a miracle solution – Elixir which would make him a brave and fearless one.
The eleventh TV program of the series «Conversations on Women's Rights 2» (10.03.2018)
The guest of the regular TV program initiated by Women’s Rights Center was Davit Tumasyn, Head of Department of Legal Provisions and Statistics of RA Investigative Committee. The guest presented statistics of the Investigative Committee, its qualitative studies, periodicity of cases, regularities. 
Psychological work in kindergartens (05.03.2018)
This year Women's Rights Center initiated psychological work with five years old children in different kindergartens in Yerevan. This educational activity is aimed at developing and strengthening of gender competence, discovering gender based behavioral peculiarities and strengthening of correct behavioral models, as well as obtaining and strengthening parenting skills.
The tenth TV program of the series «Conversations on Women's Rights 2» (03.03.2018)
Guests of the regular TV program were Narine Hovhannisyan, director of N1 Special Educational Complex and representative of RA Ministry of Education, and Eva Ohanyan, psychologist coordinator at Women’s Rights Center. Education and its role in the process of upbringing children, the attention needed by children were discussed by the guests. 
Regular visit to the House of Childhood (01.03.2018)
A regular visit to the House of Childhood, a children’s development center, was organized for children beneficiaries of Women's Rights Center on February 27. The children were warmly greeted by the center's staff and prepared pancakes in the form of different animals with their own hands. 
The ninth TV program of the series «Conversations on Women's Rights 2» (23.02.2018)
This program was hosted by H. Gasparyan, Colonel of Justice and Chief of the Yerevan City Department of the Forced Levy of Alimonies of Compulsory Enforcement Service of RA Ministry of Justice (CES), and L. Balyan, Colonel of Justice and Head of the Inspection and Analysis Department of RA CES.


The eigth TV program of the series «Conversations on Women's Rights 2» (17.02.2018)
Guests of the regular TV program were L. Grigoryan, judge of Yerevan General Jurisdiction Court and S. Soghomonyan, attorney of Women's Rights Center. They discussed those problems regarding family and child-rearing with which women mainly apply to courts, as well as certain patterns in such cases and adoption of the Law on Domestic Violence and signing Istanbul Convention for giving legal solutions to such cases.Short video elaborated by Women’s Rights Center and devoted to the aims of Istanbul Convention was demonstrated during the TV program.
External Evaluation Results Workshop (12.02.2018)
On February 8 and 9 an External Evaluation Results Workshop took place at the office of the Human Rights House Yerevan, Armenia. The workshop was organized by Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation and conducted by Monica Erwer, PME expert from Stockholm. Participants of the workshop were Kvinna till Kvinna partner organizations in Armenia, including Women's Rights Center. The first day of the workshop started with the presentations of the KtK partners on the implemented projects and the results of the external evaluations done. Then similarities and common learnings aroused in the result of projects implementation were discussed by the participants, after which everybody divided into three groups to reflect on the significant changes happened during the project, how they happened and whether they were any unexpected changes both positive and negative.
Participation in the “1st Studio: Hostage in Ukraine” TV program (10.02.2018)
On February 7, 2018 shooting of the TV program under the theme of “1st Studio: Hostage in Ukraine” took place with the aim to reveal and provide an expert approach to the problem of Armenian woman subjected to domestic violence. The experts were human rights defender Z. Hovhannisyan, Women's Rights Center psychologist M. Eghiazaryan and attorney G. Sahakyan. An Armenian woman was abused by her husband and father-in-law and in the result she went outdoors with her two children and applied to a shelter attached to church. Yet her husband managed to take the smaller breast feeding baby away from her and banned mother keep in touch with the baby even when it was in hospital.
The seventh TV program of the series «Conversations on Women's Rights 2» (09.02.2018)
This program was hosted by L. Hobosyan, Secretary of the Trusteeship and Custodianship Commission of Davitashen District and Head of the General Department of the Staff, and M. Eghiazaryan, Psychologist of Women’s Rights Center. Guests discussed work of the trusteeship and custodianship commissions before adoption of the Law on Domestic Violence and what would be changed after its adoption, as well as means of cooperation between commissions and non governmental organizations.


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