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Meeting with representatives of EU Delegation to Armenia (03.02.2018)
On February 1, 2018 members of the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women participated in the meeting with representatives of EU Delegation to Armenia with the aim to present Coalition’s main concerns about the adopted domestic violence law. The representatives of the Coalition were A. Simonyan, N. Piliposyan, K. Petrosyan and N. Kankanyan, meanwhile the Delegation was presented by A. Chalupova and I. Movsesyan. The members of Coalition raised their concerns on the number of provisions and definitions of the Law such as the so called “traditional values’ and “restoration of peace in the families”, institute of reconciliation, as well as points which were not not included particularly violence among dating couples, stalking as a separate form of violence, etc.
The sixth TV program of the series «Conversations on Women's Rights 2» (01.02.2018)
The sixth TV program was devoted to the role of RA Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the area of combating domestic violence. The guests of the program were A. Tanashyan, Head of the Section of Women's Issues of the Department of Family, Women, and Children Issues, and A. Minasyan, Head of the Department on Social Assistance.
Presentation of the research of RA Law on Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (27.01.2018)
On January 25, 2018 presentation of the research of RA Law on Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities for Women and Men was conducted at the Paris Hall of the Double Tree by Hilton Yerevan City Center Hotel by the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women. N. Aleksanyan, candidate of jurisprudence and the author of the research, mentioned that the provisions of this Law were analyzed in the result of combination and comparison of RA international obligations, international standards and the best practice. Methodology of analysis and legal assessment of the research of law enforcement practice of legislative provisions was also used.
The fifth TV program of the series «Conversations on Women's Rights 2» (26.01.2018)
Guests of the fifth TV program were G. Hakobyan, Head of the department of relations with the “Center of Legislation Development and Legal Researches” Foundation, and T. Harutyunyan, Leading Specialist of the same Department. The specialists introduced background of the elaboration of Domestic Violence Law, engagement of the relevant institutions, hot discussions on the Law content, as well as amendments made.
The fourth TV program of the series «Conversations on Women's Rights 2» (19.01.2018)
The series of TV programs was replenished with the fourth TV program, the guests of which were S. Galoyan, survivor of domestic violence, S. Soghomonyan, attorney of Women’s Rights Center, and A. Arakelyan, psychologist of Women’s Rights Center. Participants of the TV program discussed healthy family relationship based on mutual love and respect, atmosphere and situation of S. Galoyan’s family, possible solutions and ways out of this situation. 
The third TV program of the series «Conversations on Women's Rights 2» (12.01.2018)
The third TV program was devoted to the work of RA Human Rights Defender, particularly in the area of domestic violence. The guest of the program was L. Sargsyan, Head of Department for Legal Analysis of the RA Human Rights Defender's office. She introduced the functions and authorities of the Office, as well as the nature of calls reporting domestic violence.
The second TV program of the series «Conversations on Women's Rights 2» (31.12.2017)
The regular broadcast of the series of TV programs was hosted by A. Vardanyan, the Deputy Head of the Department on Protection of Juvenile Rights and Combating Domestic Violence of RA Police General Department of Criminal Intelligence, and S. Soghomonyan, the Attorney of Women's Rights Center. Each of the guests presented statistics on domestic violence cases of its structure, spoke about mechanisms of response to domestic violence cases by RA Police and Women's Rights Center, the undertaken measures, conflicts of interest and cooperation with relevant stakeholders, as well as the stereotypes and necessity of trainings for police officers. 
Second season of the series of TV programs «Conversations on Women's Rights» (30.12.2017)
After success of the first season of the series of TV programs «Conversations on Women's Rights» Women's Rights Center initiated the second season of the series which was devoted to to domestic violence problem, the Law on Prevention of Violence in Family, Protection of Victims of Violence in Family and Restoration of Peace in Family as well as coverage of the international documents aimed at combating violence against women and ratified by RA Government. The presenter of the TV programs of the second season was Kristine Alagulyan, the famous presenter and TV journalist of Shant TV Channel. The first program was aired on December 28, 2017 by Shant and the guests of the program were S. Vardanyan, the Founder and Director of Women's Rights Center, M. Eghiazaryan, the Center's psychologist, and S. Soghomonyan, the Center's attorney.
The Last Event of the Year for Children (29.12.2017)
2017 year ended with the last event for children beneficiaries of Women's Rights Center – the musical performance «Pluto's New Year Adventures» in Neon Art light format. The event took place at «Armenia» Cinema on December 27. Children watched the cartoon attentively, followed by interactive communication with Pluto, cartoon's main hero. 
Musical performance “New Year with Nazar 2” at Bohemia Theater (25.12.2017)
On December 22, 2017 Women’s Rights Center’s staff organized the next event for children-beneficiaries. The New Year child’s comedy musical was demonstrated at Bohemia Theater based on H. Tumanyan's fairy tales and other child’s stories. The performance was full with the intellectual questions and games. Children watched it with great enthusiasm. The event was also very interactive as the heroes communicated with children by giving them different questions. 


Interview on the theme of «Domestic Violence: What Will Change With the Law Adoption» (17.12.2017)
On December 12, 2017 M. Eghiazaryan, Women’s Rights Center’s psychologist, and Center’s woman-beneficiary who wished to remain anonymous participated in the phone interview to www.ampop.am online resource on the theme of «Domestic Violence: What Will Change the Adoption of the Law». During the interview the survivor of domestic violence presented her history, after which the Center's services for women victims of domestic violence, the statistics and the necessity of the relevant Law adoption were discussed with the Center's specialist.
Planning the WAVE Step Up! Campaign activities for 2018 (16.12.2017)
On December 11-13, 2017 the training on “Planning the WAVE Step Up! Campaign for 2018” was conducted by the WAVE Training Institute in Vienna, Austria. The annual meeting was aimed at uniting and strengthening the capacity of experts working in the field of women’s support services and establishing common quality standards. The purpose of the training also was to exchange experiences on different activities implemented in member countries in 2017 and develop effective activities for 2018. Participants from 23 countries, including Armenia took part in the event.
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