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Press Conference on Domestic Violence Issues in “Pastark” Press Club (20.10.2010)

On 20 October. 2010 the press conference on domestic violence issueswas hold in "Pastark" press club. The speakers were  the director of Women's Rights Center - Mrs. Susanna Vardanyan and WRC lawyers - Satine Gevorgyan and Diana Israelyan.

In the course of the press conference a number of questions raised and provoked discussions on the following topics:

"Pages from the dog's diary" interactive performance in Yeghegnadzor city (29.09.2010)
In September 29, 2010, Women's Rights Center and "Forum" theatre have organized an interactive performance called "Pages from the dog's diary" in Yeghegnadzor city.The performance was based on true stories of women-victims subjected to domestic violence and it expressed the current importance of that issue.    
The trainings on “Manual of Domestic Violence” for police servants of Police Academy and Police Training Center of Armenia (22.09.2010)

On 18, 19 of September the trainings on "Manual of Domestic Violence" were conducted by WRC specialists for police servants from Police Academy staff. Potential trainers on Manual were participated in the trainings as well.

Another trainings on "Manual of Domestic Violence" organized by WRC took place from 22th to 23th of September, 2010 for police servants of Police Training Center. The participants of trainings included the trainers from the Police Training Center and police servants of various Police Departments. The format of the trainings was similar to the trainings organized in Police Academy.

We did it!!! Street action on domestic violence prevention (26.08.2010)
 After the activation of the regular 24-hourstoll-free hotline 0-800-80-850 Women's Rights Center organized a street actionin August, 26, in which the whole WRC staff took part. Women- passers werehanded out plastic bags, where National Hot Line numbers were written. Allwomen-victims who are being subjected to domestic violence can call and beprovided with free psychological and legal counseling.
"Domestic violence" subject is included in the curriculum of RA Police Academy (05.08.2010)
WRC presented an offer to RA Police Academy to include "Domestic violence" subject in their curriculum and to organize relevant trainings  for their specialists basing on "Domestic violence" manual elaborated by WRC and on August 05, 2010 got their accordance.
An interactive performance “Pages from the dog’s diary” in Vanadzor (01.08.2010)
In August 01, 2010, Women’s Rights Center has organized an interactive performance called “Pages from the dog’s diary” in Vanadzor city of Lori Region.The performance was based on true stories of women-victims subjected to domestic violence and it expressed the current importance of that issue.
Training Manual on Domestic Violence for police servants is published (08.07.2010)
WRC has elaborated a Training Manual on Domestic Violence for police servants, which observes the current situation of domestic violence issue in Armenia, its types, main consequences, specificities, reasons and the methods of prevention as well as it clarifies the role and interference of police servants in given situation. This manual is a tool for advocating and for raising awareness on domestic violence against women.
WIDE’s Annual Conference in Bucharest, Romania (28.06.2010)
On 4-5 June, 2010 Women’s Rights Center took part in WIDE’s Annual Conference on “Migration in the context of Globalization: Women’s Human Rights at risk”, which was organized in Bucharest, Romania by AUR (Karat Coalition member organization) and co-organized with Karat Coalition.
Training for Police Officers on Topic “Domestic Violence Issue and its Prevention in Armenia” (22.06.2010)
Domestic violence against women is a serious problem for our nation. In many societies the problem is kept quiet and no one gets involved, but today people are getting involved and are trying to stop all types of domestic violence against women and children.
Art Therapy with WRC beneficiaries and their children (14.06.2010)
Women’s Rights Center periodically manages art therapy lessons with women beneficiaries and their children. Art therapy is a treatment based on art creation.
Join the discussion on topic “Domestic Violence Prevention in Armenia” (09.06.2010)
On 10, June Women’s Rights Center (WRC) organizes a meeting on “ Domestic violence prevention of domestic violence in Armenia”, which will be held in the meeting hall of Av. Isahakyan’s Library, Armenia.
Historical Happening (03.06.2010)
Our pleasure to inform that due to the decree N 213-A made by RA Prime-Minister Tigran Sargsyan on March 30, 2010 an Interagency Commission to Combat Gender-Based Violence was established.
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