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Regular visit to the Yerevan Zoo (01.09.2017)
On August 31 one more group of children-beneficiaries of Women's Rights Center visited the Yerevan Zoological Garden. The visit was organized with the purpose of making a holiday the last day of the children’s summer vacations and congratulating them with September 1, the Day of Knowledge. 
Participation in the Press Conference on “Domestic Violence Cases in 2017: Gaps in the Legislation and Means of Prevention” (30.07.2017)
On July 27 a press conference of the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women took place at Media Center press club and was devoted to domestic violence cases in 2017: gaps in the legislation and means of prevention. The speakers were A. Simonyan, representative of Women’s Resource Center, L. Minasyan, representative of the Society Without Violence, and K. Petrosyan, representative of Women’s Rights Center. The statistics on domestic violence cases was presented, the problems and challenges that non governmental organizations face while providing services to women victims of domestic violence and their children were discussed. 
Participation in the meeting «Professional Work with LGBT People» (27.07.2017)
On July 27 a meeting discussion on the theme «Professional Work with LGBT People» took place at «Article 3» Club organized by PINK Armenia NGO. The aim of the training was to shape narrower professional skills for the specialists working in mental health area 
Cartoon Viewing at the “Moscow” Cinema (26.07.2017)
On July 26, “Despicable Me 3” cartoon viewing was organized for children-beneficiaries of Women’s Rights Center at the “Moscow’ Cinema. Almost all invited children had already seen the previous series but none saw the new one. 
Working Group Meeting on SGBV Prevention and Response (16.07.2017)
On July 12, 2017 the Armenian Red Cross Society conducted a meeting of the working group on SGBV prevention and response at ARCS headquarters. Welcoming speeches were delivered by ARCS and UNHCR representatives, after which H. Khachtryan and G. Bejanyan from ARCS presented the working group’s objectives, achievements and challenges of SGBV component, as well as the development of Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) for strengthening prevention and response to sexual and gender based violence against UNHCR persons of concern (asylum-seekers, refugees, internally displaced persons and stateless persons) in Armenia. 
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer at the Yerevan State Marionette Theater (19.06.2017)
On June 16 children-beneficiaries of Women’s Rights Center visited the Yerevan State Marionette Theater for watching performance “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by famous American writer Mark Twain. The main hero of the performance was Tom Sawyer, a 12 years old boy, who lived with his aunt and cousin after his parents’ death. The performance showed adventures of Tom and his friends, during one of which he became witness of a murder and was successful in catching the murderer. 
Training for social workers and psychologists working in the area of domestic violence (13.06.2017)

The training for social workers and psychologists working in the area of domestic violence was organized by Women’s Rights Center and took place on June 8 and 9, 2017 at Silk Road Hotel in Yerevan. It was planned as a follow up training after the one organized on April 29 and 30, 2016 by Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation. The participants of the training were specialists from different organizations: Women's Rights Center, Women's Resource Center, Shushi Women's Resource Center, Women's Support Center, Goris Women's Development Resource Center Foundation, Society Without Violence, Sexual Assault Crisis Center, Ajakits Benevolent NGO, Spitak Helsinki Group and Pink Armenia. The aim of both trainings was to increase capacity of the specialists working in the field and to improve the quality of the provided services. The first day of the training started with the welcoming speech and introduction of the agenda, then the participants divided into three multidisciplinary focus groups to discuss common goals of the participant organizations aimed at increasing the quality of service provision, challenges and opportunities of our work, as well as the follow up from the previous training, that is what has been useful and applicable, what has not and why. The facilitation in the groups was done by WRC psychologists.

Participation in the «Right is Yours» TV program (08.06.2017)
On June 7 Women's Rights Center's psychologist A. Argushyan participated in the «Right is Yours» TV program by H3 TV channel. The theme of the program was «Women's Rights». During it a number of questions were raised within the framework of which statistical data on domestic violence cases, causes of domestic violence against women and their children, its consequences on children were presented by WRC psychologist. 
June 1 in Vanadzor (05.06.2017)
Members and volunteers of Women's Rights Center Lori Branch organized an action under «No to Domestic Violence» slogan. With the relevant T-shirts on, the action participants walked in the streets and during different events organized in the city distributed leaflets to women and balloons with different slogans on child and family protection to children. 
On June 1 (05.06.2017)
On June 1 Women's Rights Center organized an entertaining walk tour for children-beneficiaries which started from the Victory Park and ended at the Freedom Square. At the Victory Park children visited the attractions and played different games. After that the group moved to the center of Yerevan by Cascade stairway. 
Our Children Visited the Yerevan Zoo (28.05.2017)
On May 25, Women's Rights Center organized a regular tour to the Yerevan Zoo for a group of children-beneficiaries. As always, children were very interested by the variety of fauna: wildlife and predators, birds, turtles and reptiles in the terrarium. 
Documentary Play «Seven» in Gyumri (22.05.2017)
On May 20, 2017 the “Seven on Tour” groundbreaking documentary play took place in Gyumri Technology Center. It was the second time the play was organized in Armenia by the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women. 
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