Support groups for women and children

Support groups for women and children

Sep 01, 2022 34

Women’s Rights Center (WRC) conducted two support groups during the month of August, one for children and one for women. These support groups are extremely crucial for survivors of domestic violence, as they create safe environment, which often is a necessity for these vulnerable groups. WRC strives to create a small community of women who  support and empathize each other,  while having their voice heard and their space marked.

Children's support group was conducted on August 18, 2022.

Name: ”Fears in cabins”

Topic: Overcoming fears

Moderator: Lilit Ohanyan

The session consists of three stages:

During the first stage,  children introduced themselves, which is  done  to establish interaction and safe enviroment for everyone in the room. Afterwards the actual work started,  accompanied with the instruction from the moderator.  Children are instructed to draw two houses, one black and the other red. Then they are asked to place their  fears in each of the cabins, and close the door tightly.

In the third stage, they shared their impressions, feelings and the moderator summarized the work. 

Women's support group took place on August 25, 2022.

Name: Mask

Topic: Self-Knowledge, Relaxation

Moderator: Lilit Ohanyan

The work consists of several stages.

During the first stage , the participants got to know each other. Rules have been approved.

The second stage is the actual work stage. During this time, the participants are instructed to close their eyes, focus on breathing, and perform a breathing exercise. After that, the participants are instructed to imagine themselves in a masquerade and then observe in what image they presented themselves, what opinion do they have about themselves when they look at them from the side, and when they look from the inside, what opinion do they have about themselves, what feelings do they have.

After the completion of the work participant discusses and share their opinions, feelings and observations.

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