The guest of the program was Zaruhi Hovhannisyan, the member of “Coalition to Stop Violence against Women”.

The guest of the program was Zaruhi Hovhannisyan, the member of “Coalition to Stop Violence against Women”.

Oct 10, 2020 314

The Coalition to Stop Violence against Women (hereafter Coalition), which creation is based on the October 1 incident, the assassination of 20-year-old Zaruhi Petrosyan and which unites 10 organizations operating in the field of women’s rights, set a goal to raise awareness about domestic violence, the existing problems, and call on the state to apply combined mechanisms for preventing cases of domestic violence in Armenia.

One of the important steps is considered as breaking stereotypes in the society, talking about the problem of domestic violence, making it a matter of public concern and, in general, informing the public about sexual, domestic, gender-based violence, because if the society denies the existence of such a problem, then how it can be objective, how a survivor of domestic violence can talk about her case. Consequently, the change in public perception becomes one of the main sectors of the Coalition.

The adoption of the Law on “Prevention of Domestic Violence, Protection of the Victims of Domestic Violence and Restoration of Solidarity in the Family” created levers that enabled to stand by the survivor of domestic violence, to protect her rights and to save from abusive relationships. It takes a long time, including appropriate psychological support, for the survivor to overcome the status of the victim, to get rid of the victim’s psychology, and for the perpetrator to avoid his violent behavior. And only she has the right to choose whether to reunite with her husband or not after the long recovering and have a feeling of being protected.

Speaking about the role of the state due to the Law on domestic violence, Zaruhi Hovhannisyan emphasized, “The State should not make any effort to restore the family or restore solidarity, but should protect victim, prevent violence and restore the survival of her victim’s psychology”. The implementation of these steps leads to the restoration of the family, thus the final decision belongs to the person subjected to domestic violence.

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