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Advisory Board regular meeting (14.05.2002)

The regular meeting of WRC Advisory Board was held on May 14, 2002. Beside the board members representatives from Yerevan Internal Affairs department were present. During the meeting the following issues were discussed: creation of a shelter for women subjected to violence, reopening of patrol base stations, legislative field of domestic violence and trafficking in women, as well as adoption of "Sky Cards" system.
In result law enforcement officials came to a conclusion that creation of shelters is a serious and important work, the implementation of which will require vast financial resources and state support is as much necessary. According to the representatives of Police creation of shelters will be only justified provided cooperation with Internal Affairs Office, which will ensure women's safety.
The participants expressed the opinion regarding reopening of patrol base stations, stressing that the proposal will be more effectively realized if the base stations involve both WRC and Internal Affairs bodies and where abused women will be provided with psychological and legal counseling. Another proposal was to create special police services the main aim of which would be to reveal the cases of domestic violence and fight against them.
Separate discussion was made on making supplements to RA legislation on consolidation/creation of additional structures to protect victims of domestic violence and trafficking.
And finally participants exchanged their ideas about Polish "Sky cards" system, about reasonability and possibility to adopt the system in our country. It was decided to hold separate discussion on this topic.

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