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Press Club regular meeting (30.05.2002)

On May 30 WRC held regular meeting of its Press Club dedicated to trafficking in human beings. The trainers S. Vardanyan and A. Nikoghosyan defined the term "trafficking in human" and presented the causes and possible consequences of it.
The presentation was followed by active discussions on the problem of trafficking in human in Armenia. The participants of the meeting came to a conclusion that even if today not a great number of women are being involved in sex industry in this way, later on to prevent the trend of the phenomenon spreading much more serious steps will need to be taken including involvement of governmental structures. Otherwise in the near future trafficking in human may become an unsolvable problem for Armenia. Participants were sure that it is more reasonable and easy to prevent the problem than fight against its consequences afterwards.
At the end of the meeting films on trafficking in women were demonstrated.
Information on the Press Club meeting was published in the newspaper "Hayastani Hanrapetoutyun".

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