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Join the discussion on topic “Domestic Violence Prevention in Armenia” (09.06.2010)

On 10, June Women’s Rights Center (WRC) organizes a meeting on “ Domestic violence prevention of domestic violence in Armenia”, which will be held in the meeting hall of Av. Isahakyan’s Library, Armenia.

The specialists of WRC will present the situation of domestic violence issue in Armenia, its types, main reasons and the ways of combating it, as well as some WRC activities implemented on its prevention and the data of cases of domestic violence in 2009.

Then there will be also discussed the Development of the Draft Law on Domestic Violence, its Advocacy and Lobbying. Thereafter, the film “Zone of silence” by by Mariam Ohanyan, which was about the current situation of domestic violence told by a girl will be shown, which is about the current situation of domestic violence told by a girl. After it some discussions on the issue of Armenian women’s role in society are considered to be analyzed.

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