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Meetings for raising public awareness on domestic violence in Armenia (11.11.2010)


Women's Rights Center periodically organizes meetings with the staff of different organizations, medical institutions, polyclinics, libraries, universities, schools and other institutions for raising public awareness on the issue of domestic violence against women. WRC services and activities on combating domestic violence and on women's issues are discussed during these meetings and visits.
A great interest towards the discussed theme is noticed among the participants of the meetings, various opinions about the issue are expressed. According to them there is a lack of organizing such meetings, as domestic violence really is a timely issue to speak up in the public.


Sometimes there are some cases when the participants pay more attention towards WRC services and activities and they are even interested to be useful for combating domestic violence against women.

Such meetings will be continuously to promote the awareness raising on domestic violence in Armenia and to raise women's role in society.

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