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"Men against Violence against Women" training (28.04.2012)
On April 28-29 Women's Rights Center realised “Men against Violence against Women” two-days training involving men who are interested in women's rights in the field of domestic violence and are ready to co-operate with WRC to solve this problem.

All the implemented actions and events of WRC as well as the further ones have a core aim - to break the stereotypes changing spread and incorrect opinion according to which only women should struggle for women’s rights.

Therefore, the collaboration with men and their involvement in WRC activities is a significant step for changing the attitude towards the issue. With this purpose a group of 13 active and vigorous men was created who were of different professions such lawyers, psychologists, political scientists and other specialists which is also very important as this diversity gives an opportunity for more professional, effective and efficient approaches to the problem.

During the first meeting the participants were presented the basic rules and objectives of the training, after which they were explained the concept and definition of domestic violence, its characteristic features, types and frequency. Finally, the audience was shown the film “For Survival” which is devoted to domestic violence and is created by WRC consultancy and financial support. 

The second meeting summarized all presented information during the previous day which was followed by discussing personal examples using the obtained knowledge. In the end, all the participants were given a certificate.

So, Women’s Rights Center fearlessly tackling a subject that has long been taboo hopes that organizing and conducting this training and further collaboration with men will help to put an end to domestic violence which should be a thing of the past. 

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