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Conference on "Prevention of Domestic Violence against Women in Armenia" (23.10.2012)

  Women’s Rights Center (WRC NGO) has hold a Conference on "Prevention of Domestic Violence against Women in Armenia" on 23rd of October in Ani Plaza Hotel, Yerevan, 2012.

The aim of the Conference was to present the situatiion of domestic violence against women in Armenia and WRC activity in the section of violence prevention, also to derive the attention of public and state entities to the issue of domestic violence enhancing to initiate specific and drastic steps towards the issue.

WRC staff and volunteers from Yerevan and regional branches, local NGOs, representatives of government and the local authorities, police and law institutions were present to the Conference.

The Conference was started with the opening speech of Susanna Vardanyan, the President of the organization. The representatives of the organization presented the activities on prevention of domestic violence implemented during the last few years, also the legal consequences of the activities implemented by WRC. Afterwards, the representatives from the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues presented the pilot version of  RA Law on "Domestic Violence". According to them, a working group was established to develop the law and the draft law w ill be presented to the civil society for discussion. The aim of the law is to prevent violence and to protect the victims of domestic violence. It was noted also, that the 1st article of the law cites, that this new draft of the law regulates the relations connected to the domestic violence, specifies the concept of the domestic violence, the enforcement institutions for prevention and protection from domestic violence and the domestic violence and their financing sources, the special types of activities for prevention and protection from domestic violence, the protection of the rights of the members of the family while carrying out of the special means, the responsibility for domestic violence. The public awareness raising campaigns on domestic violence issue were also spoken about in the Conference. Representatives from state governments and municipalities also greeted the initiative and highlighted, that it is very appreciable, that the Conference is designed not only for women, also for men. They highlighted that they are working on fostering the role of women and include the issue in the Committee meetings.

The Conference was completed by presenting of “Men against Violence against Women” network and their activities. A video on the activity implemented by the network was shown in the Conference as a conclusion. 

You can find feedback from press in following links:     http://www.aysor.am/am/news/2012/10/23/forum/ 













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