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18th-20th October 2012 ~ 14th WAVE Conference – London (30.10.2012)

  This year on 18-20 of October the representatives of Women’s Rights Center took part in 14th WAVE Conference, which, this year, was hosted by Women’s Aid federations and Imkaan in London. WAVE is a network of European women’s non-governmental organisations working in the field of combating violence against women and children. The network comprises of approximately 4000 women’s organisations in 46 countries of Europe and is the only European network focusing solely on the elimination of violence against women and children. WAVE aims to establish gender equality by eliminating all forms of violence against women and is one of the main and most influential European-wide feminist networks of women NGOs.

As the Conference was aimed at those from all professions coming into contact with violence against women and children as a part of their work and those committed to ending violence against women and children or those who simply want to learn more about the important work that is being done, the representatives of WRC also presented some materials on prevention of domestic violence against women in Armenia, also some information on activities.

You can find more information visiting the WAVE website at http://www.wave-network.org/start.asp?ID=23926&b=151


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