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Public Hearing on Draft of Law on Domestic Violence , RA (13.11.2012)

This year on the 13th of November the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues, RA and the UNFPA have held a public hearing on the draft of Law on Domestic Violence, RA in Ani Plaza Hotel, Yerevan.

Y. Berikyan the deputy minister of Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, RA was the first to speak and noted the participants to be active in the discussion, as the draft for Law on Domestic Violence has a strategic meaning in prevention of violence against women. Afterwards, L. Ghazaryan the head of labor, family, women and children group of Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs took her word, after which came the first hearing session of the meeting.

A. Tanashyan the representative of the Ministry presented the importance of the draft of RA Law on Domestic Violence, afterwards, lawyer A. Margaryan presented the draft of the law.

Specifically, the later presented the whole content of the law draft by chapters and separate articles, clarifying the hypothesis and the disposition of each article.

The second hearing session was designed for discussions, viewpoints exchange and for the presentations of the participants. The discussion was held by the corresponding and responsible sectors. The Police representatives took their active participation and presented their objections and propositions on the behalf of the Police activities on prevention of domestic violence cases in draft of the law. All the proposals and objections were taken into consideration, which will be later considered in the review of the law draft. 

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