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The Trial of Mariam Gevorgyan did not Give the Desired Results-The Violator Mother -in- Law was Sentenced to 1 Year Inprisonment (30.11.2012)

  This year on the 30th of November the Court of First Instance of Ararat and Vayots Dzor marzes, presided by Mr. Bektashyan, declared guilty Haykanush Mikayelyan in accordance to the Criminal Code on “Committing of Average Type of Injuries” and “Association” articles and sentenced to 4 years imprisonment.

The former brides of Haykanush Mikayelyan- Mariam Gevorgyan and Meline Bayatyan, told the police, that they have been associated by Davit Zohrabyan and their mother-in-law- Haykanush Miqayelyan in Saint Petersburg, but later Meline has taken back the most part of her testimony given to prosecutors.

 The investigative body has charges Davit with “Intentional Inflection of Medium – Gravity Damage to others” and for “Beating” , but the criminal prosecution on him was suspended due to the amnesty.

The sentence of Haykanush Miqayelyan was cut with 1/3 to the decision of the Judge made upon the decision on amnesty of the president connected to the 20th anniversary of Independence of Armenia. So, it so happened, that Miqayelyan is going to be 1year in prison- considering the latter’s detention period.

The lawsuit equal to 17mln and 350 thousand drams presented by the victim Mariam Gevorgyan the judge Bektashyan has left unexamined. The father of the victim- Hamazasp Gevorgyan has noted, that they are going to appeal against the decision.

The member organizations of “Against Violence Against Women” Coalition have conducted an action to show their insufficiency upon the verdict on Haykanush Miqayelyan case this year on the 3rd of December in front of “Moscow” Cinema, requesting the court to reconsider the decision.


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