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Training in Istanbul (05.11.2012)

Meeting of  “Young Women” South Caucasus Network was held this year on November 4-8 in Istanbul, which was held by Swiss “ Kvinna Till Kvinna” organization.

The meeting consisted of 2 parts: network meeting and practice.

The representatives of organizations providing women’s support services form Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia took part in the meeting.

The representatives presented the existing issues in their regions, which hamper the process of having positive feedback in the sector of women rights advocacy. Specifically it became clear, that all the challenges, which exist in the neighboring countries, which have more or less multi-cultural society, can be similar for in all the neighboring countries.

So, the same issues exist both in Armenia and Georgia etc. at the same time.

That is why formulation of this kind of network is important for that it longs to find and give solutions to all the issues, which will bring everyone together and will be similar for all the participants of the network.

The 2nd part of the meeting was also impressive, which presented the state of each participant as a member of society and as a representative of an organization providing services to women. All the strategies, which are needed to find solutions in specific situations and to overcome the issues, were discussed in the 2nd session of the meeting.

The meeting was impressive, the participants were given recommendations for development of the network. 

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