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“White Ribbons “Campaign (06.12.2012)


In the scope of the “16-days of Activism against Gender Violence” Women’s Rights Center held a “White Ribbons Campaign” this year on the 6th of December, which is considered to be the most important event for the men, who work on to stop the violence against women.  It is also to be mentioned, that the White Ribbon Campaign is held to commemorate the 14 students killed by an antifeminist man on the 6th of December in Montreal, 1989.   

In the scope of the campaign the WRC staff presented white ribbons to men and informed on the importance of the day once again, fostering to end the violence against women in the society.The passing women were presented information leaflets and booklets on the WRC activities, providing information on the WRC activities and on the Hot-Line service.


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