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Meeting of Member Organizations of “Stop Violence against Women” Coalition (06.12.2012)

  The serial meeting of “Stop Violence against Women” Coalition took place this year on the 6th of December. Representatives from Public Information and Need for Knowledge, Women’s Rights Center, Women’s Resource Center, Women’s Support Center and “Society without Violence” NGOs  took part in the meeting. The members of the Coalition touched upon the case of Mariam Gevorgyan, connected to the verdict on the case of Haykanush Miqayelyan, also the article of “Zangakatun” NGO published against Tufenkyan Fund. The topic of involvement of other NGOs in the coalition was also discussed in the coalition meeting, which is going to be discussed in more details on the next meeting of the coalition. At the end of the meeting, it was proposed to develop an activity schedule for the collation, include all the important days and all the organizations would implement joint activities.

It was proposed, that the 1st of October as Domestic Violence Day and celebrate the 25th of November and provide more activities on the day, beginning the preparation works for the day three months before. Also it was discussed to hold a press conference, sum up the 16- days of activities and highlight the case of Mariam. As a final, it was arranged to hold a two-day meeting and develop a working plan for the upcoming next year, share experience and develop steps for the future.
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