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Symposium at «Arabkir» Medical Center (24.10.2014)
On October 22 and 23, 2014 а Symposium devoted to the mental health of infants and teenagers on the subject «Let's Unite Our Efforts: Physical and Mental Care of Newborns, Infants and Teenagers» took place at «Arabkir» Medical Center. At the Symposium the specialists from Geneve University Hospital delivered lectures on the following subjects «Childhood Sufferings: Affection Disorders», «Whether the Preventive Factor Can Impact on the Process of a Child’s Mental Development», «Typical Norm and Pathology of Adolescence», as well as presented explanations on the medical treatment's organization of the suicide attempted teenagers in Geneve. Then discussions took place on the clinical findings of the Armenian specialists. Domestic violence was also discussed at the Symposium, and the ways of its impact on the formation and development of the child's personality. Statistical data from Geneve sociologists on what alternations took place in the children subjected and witnessed domestic violence was presented. According to this data the majority of such children reveal the behavioral pattern identical to that of a violator, and the others, on the opposite, reveal the behavioral pattern of a domestic violence victim. Psychologists and psychotherapists working with infants, teenagers and their parents form a number of clinics, children's centers and non-governmental organizations from Yerevan and different regions of Armenia were invited to the Symposium. Women's Rights Center psychologist Marine Martirosyan participated in this Symposium.    
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