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The Third World Conference of Women's Shelters (12.11.2015)

On November 3-6, 2015 the 3rd World Conference of Women's Shelters (3WCWS) took place in The Hague, The Netherlands. The Conference was organized by the Dutch Foundation of Women's Shelters and its partners by request of the Global Network of Women’s Shelters (GNWS) at the Conference Center of World Forum. Around 1000 participants from 115 countries attended the event and formulated the Call to Action «to take urgent and effective action to prevent and end violence against women and children» addressed to the governments of the world, UN agencies, international organizations, civil society, private sector and other stakeholders. The Call was presented by the Chairwoman of the GNWS Bandana Rana of Saathi-Nepal and can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ES-4Xs_GwU.

The call includes burning issues identified by each of the world's continents represented at the global event, including the three following burning issues for Europe:

1. Ratify and Implement the Istanbul Convention in all countries, and implement the CEDAW;

2. Focus on CEDAW Article 6 on Trafficking and Prostitution, which reads "States shall take all measures to stop all forms of trafficking and the exploitation of prostitution of women";

3. Increase the number of women's shelters and specialist women's services and implement sustainable funding for women's and children support services, with commitment from Governments to finance specific support services for victims.
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