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Discussion devoted to the Situation on Human Rights in Police-Citizen Relationships (18.02.2016)
On February 16, 2016 a discussion devoted to the situation on human rights in police-citizen relationships and presentation of the monitoring group report was organized by Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor Office and took place at the Ball Room of the Best Western Congress Hotel. Attorneys, mass media representatives, as well as civil society representatives, including Women’s Rights Center, participated in the discussion. Representative of the RA National Assembly T. Naghdalyan also participated in the meeting and agreed on the current gaps and the necessity of improvements in the field. Participants also referred to the cases of human rights violations on behalf of police during peaceful assemblies, and statistics on the violations of law in different fields on behalf of police was presented as well. The event ended with the demonstration of the «Periodic Disease» film-video report, which activities of RA law enforcement authorities, as well as numerous cases of inactivity 



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