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Training for social workers and psychologists working in the area of domestic violence (11.05.2016)
On April 29 and 30 in Yerevan Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation organized training for psychologists and social workers working with victims of domestic violence. The event started with the opening speech of Mr. Morten Edenberge, Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs. The two-day lecture conducted by Swedish psychotherapist Josef Grande, who has specialized in working with gender based violence for the last 20 years, and Linnea Halvarsone, Gender Based Violence Consultant at Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation. During the training the following topics were discussed: short-term psychological counseling with domestic violence survivors, group therapy work with women, supervision, etc. Characteristics and consequences of working with violence, trauma conditioned relationship, feelings of guilt, shame and resistance were also discussed. During this training participants had an opportunity to raise different questions and to share their experience. On the second day of the training the issues of stress management and prevention of professional burnout of the specialist staff working with victims of violence were discussed and clarified through interactive games. 
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