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Training on Domestic Violence in Armenian State Pedagogical University (16.05.2016)
On May 13, 2016 the next training on domestic violence took place in Armenian State Pedagogical University. Students from the Faculty of History and Jurisprudence participated in it. Training started with how students would define domestic violence and particpants actively brought examples of domestic violence cases as they understood it. Trainers also introduced different situations and suggested students to choose which cases of violence were considered to be domestic. Participants were explained that all types of domestic violence are connected with each other and were offered to describe violence at home and violence against women. The psychological, physical and psychosomatic signs of domestic violence on women and their children as well as on the perpetrators were highlighted and the consequences of domestic violence for women and children were described. During the training group discussions were organized to give students a chance to debate on the reasons why women didn't leave abusive relationships and risks of legal interventions. At the end some of the students mentioned that the base for building healthy families would be their increased knowledge and awareness on the issue.
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