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Press Conference at Media Center on "Current Challenges in Combating Domestic Violence" (30.09.2016)

On September 29, 2016 at 12:00 a press conference on «Current Challenges in Combating Domestic Violence» took place at Media Center. It was organized by the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women on the threshold of October 1 announced by the Coalition as the National Day to Combat Domestic Violence. The speakers were Hasmik Gevorgyan, Project Coordinator at Women's Support Center NGO, Susanna Vardanyan, Founder and President of Women’s Rights Center, Taguhi Mansuryan, victim of domestic violence, Tatevik Aghabekyan, Project Coordinator at Sexual Violence Crisis Center. Participants discussed current problems in the area, particularly absence of state support, guarantee of children-victims' of domestic violence rights to preschool and school education, role of state structures in raising awareness and women’s role in the society, as well as the necessity of adoption of the Draft Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and signing and ratification of Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.

The press conference can be watched under the following link:      


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