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Sustainable Partnership Meeting South Caucasus (27.01.2017)
The Sustainable Partnership Meeting South Caucasus was organized by Swedish Women Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation and took place in Stockholm from January 23 till 26, 2017. Representatives of non-governmental organizations from different countries of South Caucasus participated in the meeting. The first day of the meeting was devoted to the new Kvinna till Kvinna regional strategy for South Caucasus, achievements, challenges and discussion of the ways of partnership strengthening. The second day started with sharing experience after which particpants were offered to choose one of three mini-seminars. In the second half of the day participants divided into groups for different study visits to Swedish organizations working for gender equality. The next day was devoted to the networking and movement building and the invited guest – I. Rogova, head of Kosovo Women's Network and an outstanding woman, shared her experience on building a network. Representatives of the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women also presented the history and activities of the network in Armenia followed by the joint discussion. The last day started with the summarizing and evaluation and continued with the individual meetings.
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