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Peculiarities of Professional Work with LGBT People: for Professionals Working in Mental Health and Related Areas (01.03.2017)
From February 24 till 26 the training devoted to the peculiarities of professional work with LGBT people: for professionals working in mental health and related areas took place in Dilijan. It was organized by PINK Armenia NGO. Psychologists, including WRC psychologist A. Arakelyan, social workers and health providers participated in the training. The trainers were psychologist L. Avetisyan, social worker L. Karamyan, doctors-sexologists A. Gharibyan and V. Asryan. A number of issues connected with the human sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as peculiarities of work with LGBT people, ethic principles, and possible problems arousing during professional work were discussed by the participants. Fruitful exchange of professional experience and discussion of cases also took place during the training. 
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