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Training organized by the Association for Trauma Outreach and Prevention and Women's Rights Center (20.04.2017)
On 18 April, 2017 Women’s Rights Center NGO together with the Association for Trauma Outreach and Prevention (ATOP) Meaningful World organized training at Article 3 Club. The invited participants were WRC psychologists and beneficiaries, as well as specialists from other organizations and psychological centers. The training was conducted by Dr. Ani Kalayjian, the founder and president of ATOP, and her team members Lorraine Simmons and Leslie Popoff and was devoted to emotional intelligence, generational healing, suicide prevention, forgiveness and soul-surfing, using the 7-step integrative healing model. During the training participants took part in the discussions, experimental exercises and meditation and closure in Heart-to-Heart Circle of Love at the end of the event. The training was very useful as it assisted participants in raising their self-esteem, assertiveness, emotional intelligence. 
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