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Training for the Staff of WRC Regional Branches (21.04.2017)
On April 19, 2017 training for the staff of WRC regional branches took place at Best Western Congress Hotel in Yerevan. It was conducted by WRC psychologist A. Arakelyan, WRC staff and volunteers also participated in the training. It started with the introduction followed by the speech of S. Vardanyan devoted to the work of branches and raising awareness in the regions. The necessity of widespread and permanent raising awareness for reaching better results was underlined. The participants made a number of suggestions for improving the work, including raising awareness among ordinary citizens (instead of the representatives of different structures), increasing number of actions, using the moving stands, as well as cooperation with the clergymen and participation in the TV programs as guests. Our working principles, safety of the beneficiaries and staff, principles of counseling, as well as the case and risks assessment were discussed during the meeting. After the break the presentation and standards of shelter provision, as well as the structure and conduction of the support groups were also introduced and discussed with the participants.  
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