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Training for social workers and psychologists working in the area of domestic violence (13.06.2017)
The training for social workers and psychologists working in the area of domestic violence was organized by Women’s Rights Center and took place on June 8 and 9, 2017 at Silk Road Hotel in Yerevan. It was planned as a follow up training after the one organized on April 29 and 30, 2016 by Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation. The participants of the training were specialists from different organizations: Women's Rights Center, Women's Resource Center, Shushi Women's Resource Center, Women's Support Center, Goris Women's Development Resource Center Foundation, Society Without Violence, Sexual Assault Crisis Center, Ajakits Benevolent NGO, Spitak Helsinki Group and Pink Armenia. The aim of both trainings was to increase capacity of the specialists working in the field and to improve the quality of the provided services. The first day of the training started with the welcoming speech and introduction of the agenda, then the participants divided into three multidisciplinary focus groups to discuss common goals of the participant organizations aimed at increasing the quality of service provision, challenges and opportunities of our work, as well as the follow up from the previous training, that is what has been useful and applicable, what has not and why. The facilitation in the groups was done by WRC psychologists. As almost 1/3 of the current training participants did not take part in the previous training the facilitators made a brief review of its content and then passed to the discussion. The results introduced by the groups were inspiring: almost all elements of the previous training were used by the participants in their work with women victims of domestic violence and their children. The participants only mentioned that there was always very little time for self care or sometimes even none at all. After the lunch Josefine Grande, the psychotherapist and the invited trainer, introduced herself and her work. The followed theme was the acute traumatic stress and its implications for emergency interventions and the overcoming of situational stress reactions. The second day of the training was devoted to vicarious trauma and prevention of professional burnout. The presented theoretical knowledge was devoted to the professional/emotional burnout, secondary trauma, the window of tolerance and its impact on the person’s behavior, emergency reactions and mechanisms for combating it. Besides specialists participated in the practical exercises, such as “Sharing in silence”, “I am not a lone bearer”, “Calm place”, “Ray of Light” and others. The exercise helped to get acquainted with the tools for combating secondary trauma, as well as had a therapeutic effect and helped participants to relax. The training was also full with discussions and analyses.
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