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Participation in the Press Conference on “Domestic Violence Cases in 2017: Gaps in the Legislation and Means of Prevention” (30.07.2017)

On July 27 a press conference of the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women took place at Media Center press club and was devoted to domestic violence cases in 2017: gaps in the legislation and means of prevention. The speakers were A. Simonyan, representative of Women’s Resource Center, L. Minasyan, representative of the Society Without Violence, and K. Petrosyan, representative of Women’s Rights Center. The statistics on domestic violence cases was presented, the problems and challenges that non governmental organizations face while providing services to women victims of domestic violence and their children were discussed. The recent developments of T. Mansuryan and N. Danielyan cases were presented and the necessity of the adoption of the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence was underlined. The press conference can be watched under the following link: http://www.media-center.am/hy/1501231552 and the mass media response can be seen under the links below:



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