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Participation in the 19th WAVE Conference (03.11.2017)
The 19th WAVE Conference took place from October 30 to November 1 in Budapest, Hungary under the theme «From backlash to effective response: step up together for the protection of women and girls from all forms of violence». Women's Rights Center was represented by S. Vardanyan and K. Petrosyan. The first two days of the conference were open for public; meanwhile the third day was for WAVE members only. The first day started with the opening speeches, one of which was made by Dubravka Simonovich, UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women. Then the keynote speakers Rosa Logar and Marceline Naudi referred to the remits and boundaries of the Istanbul Convention. The remaining part of the day was broken into 3 sessions devoted correspondingly to the roots and manifestations of violence against women and responses to them, intersectional forms of violence and its historical roots, effective support and protection of children in the context of intimate partner violence. The day ended with the WAVE General Assembly chaired by Rosa Logar, the president of WAVE. The second day started with the interactive group exercise and then broke into workshops sessions. After coffee break participants gathered and presented three main outcomes of each workshop conducted during the day. Then WAVE StepUp! Campaign meeting took place where the campaigners from different countries shared their experience on implementing 4 activities of the Campaign planned during the WAVE Training Institute in December 2016. The last day of the Conference was devoted to the WAVE Coordinating Committee meeting and discussion of WAVE current activities. 
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