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Planning the WAVE Step Up! Campaign activities for 2018 (15.12.2017)

On December 11-13, 2017 the training on “Planning the WAVE Step Up! Campaign for 2018” was conducted by the WAVE Training Institute in Vienna, Austria. The annual meeting was aimed at uniting and strengthening the capacity of experts working in the field of women’s support services and establishing common quality standards. The purpose of the training also was to exchange experiences on different activities implemented in member countries in 2017 and develop effective activities for 2018. Participants from 23 countries, including Armenia took part in the event. The first day of the training started with the welcoming speech and introduction of the agenda. All participants shared successes and challenges of implementing activities planned for 2017. The second day started with the discussion on possible activities for 2018. Participants were divided into small groups and discussed goals, differences and obstacles. The second half of the day was devoted to the presentation prepared and presented by the SuperSocial Team, on what we should know about social media. The third day of the training started with the group work on developing Step Up! Campaign action plan for 2018. At the end of the training, Stephanie Futter-Orel, the WAVE Executive Manager, made a presentation on the theme of “Self care”.

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