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Second season of the series of TV programs «Conversations on Women's Rights» (30.12.2017)

After success of the first season of the series of TV programs «Conversations on Women's Rights» Women's Rights Center initiated the second season of the series which was devoted to to domestic violence problem, the Law on Prevention of Violence in Family, Protection of Victims of Violence in Family and Restoration of Peace in Family as well as coverage of the international documents aimed at combating violence against women and ratified by RA Government. The presenter of the TV programs of the second season was Kristine Alagulyan, the famous presenter and TV journalist of Shant TV Channel. The first program was aired on December 28, 2017 by Shant and the guests of the program were S. Vardanyan, the Founder and Director of Women's Rights Center, M. Eghiazaryan, the Center's psychologist, and S. Soghomonyan, the Center's attorney. S. Vardanyan presented the history of the elaboration and adoption of the law on domestic violence, as well as other activities and measures of Women's Rights Center aimed at solution of women's protection problems. It was also discussed whether the prevention, protection and restoration of peace envisaged by the adopted Law would address all problems of protection of women's rights and prevention of domestic violence, as well as necessity for family courts, effective response to severe cases and proper solution, statistics on domestic violence cases, its types, contributing factors, peculiarities of work with beneficiaries and success stories. Program can be watched by the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSJKNJNc1hY&t=87s.  

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