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Meeting with representatives of EU Delegation to Armenia (03.02.2018)
On February 1, 2018 members of the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women participated in the meeting with representatives of EU Delegation to Armenia with the aim to present Coalition’s main concerns about the adopted domestic violence law. The representatives of the Coalition were A. Simonyan, N. Piliposyan, K. Petrosyan and N. Kankanyan, meanwhile the Delegation was presented by A. Chalupova and I. Movsesyan. The members of Coalition raised their concerns on the number of provisions and definitions of the Law such as the so called “traditional values’ and “restoration of peace in the families”, institute of reconciliation, as well as points which were not not included particularly violence among dating couples, stalking as a separate form of violence, etc. Delegation representatives took notes in order to discuss these concerns during the coming meeting with the Minister of Justice D. Harutyunyan. Besides different problems regarding state service provision to women victims of domestic violence and their children, as well as other issues such as the role of commissions of trusteeship and custodianship, training for different stekholders, expertise and experience of the Coalition member organizations in the field of DV/GBV were discussed during the meeting.
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