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External Evaluation Results Workshop (12.02.2018)

On February 8 and 9 an External Evaluation Results Workshop took place at the office of the Human Rights House Yerevan, Armenia. The workshop was organized by Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation and conducted by Monica Erwer, PME expert from Stockholm. Participants of the workshop were Kvinna till Kvinna partner organizations in Armenia, including Women's Rights Center. The first day of the workshop started with the presentations of the KtK partners on the implemented projects and the results of the external evaluations done. Then similarities and common learnings aroused in the result of projects implementation were discussed by the participants, after which everybody divided into three groups to reflect on the significant changes happened during the project, how they happened and whether they were any unexpected changes both positive and negative. Group discussions revealed common goals and achievements that is empowerment of women by different means. The second day started with the discussion of the lessons learnt, then participants divided into three groups in order to share experience on what monitoring tools are used by organizations to verify data and monitor the achievement of results. After lunch discussion was devoted to the ways of monitoring, particularly qualitative and quantitative assessment, theory of change and other frameworks, power relations, SMART indicators, elaboration and following monitoring plan, data collection and analysis, responsibilities, documentation and evidence, as well as baseline and risk analysis. The concluding part of the meeting was devoted to the strengthening of reporting. 

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