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October 1 Annual Action (02.10.2018)

The 1st of October is the ''National Day to combat Domestic Violence''. On this very day, 8 years ago in the result of cruel beating 20 years old Zaruhi Petrosyan died. Since then the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women has been organizing a public event on this day every year to prevent domestic violence in Armenia. Women’s Rights Centre as the member of the Coalition and one of the first women rights defenders in Armenia actively participates in this events.

On October 1, 2018 representatives of member organizations, volunteers and supporters of the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women held public awareness-raising open-air actions in different administrative districts of Yerevan. During the campaign, activists of Women's Rights Center distributed leaflets on women rights and DV law in Avan and Kanaker-Zeytun administrative districts.

In the evening, a candle-lighting ceremony in memory of the victims of domestic violence took place at Freedom Square.

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