Women’s Rights Center gives particular importance to the relationships with other stakeholders, partners and colleagues on all levels. Our relationships extend into networking and cooperation on local, national and international levels. International relationships include membership in Feminist Network Promoting Human Rights of Women and Children (WAVE Network) and Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings (the Association ASTRA). On the local level WRC have board membership in Coalition to Stop Violence against Women, membership in UN Gender Theme Group, Interagency Commission on Combating Gender Based Violence, as well as cooperation with other local non-governmental organizations and representatives of the international organizations in Armenia. The relationships of our organization at the national level refer to the state governmental institutions, e.g. Yerevan Municipality, Police, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, the National Assembly of RA, different Courts and others. 


Social Assistance

The Beneficiaries of Women's Rights Center who have been affected by socio-economic consequences  of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and have social problems occurred during quarantine situation are provided with financial support in the frames of KVINNA till KVINNA project. During the program, social assistance was provided to women, paying the utility bills of 22 beneficiaries, and rents of 6 beneficiaries' houses.

Due to the project of ‘’Urgent response for domestic violence service providers from WAVE network during COVID 19 crisis'’ and with the financial support of filia.diefrauenstiftung and the support of WAVE, 22 children of WRC beneficiaries and 2 staff members received laptops.

In the frames of UNFPA project named ''COVID 19 related support to women victims of GBV/DV, PWD, other vulnerable groups''20 women received financial support.

With the financial support of UNFPA Armenia and Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women victims of  war has provided with individual care packages .

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