The guest of the program was Attorney Eliza Gyurjyan.

The guest of the program was Attorney Eliza Gyurjyan.

Nov 06, 2020 877

The adoption of the RA Law “Prevention of Domestic Violence, Protection of the Victims of Domestic Violence and Restoration of Solidarity in the Family” created a number of protective mechanisms through which a person who has been subjected to domestic violence could be provided with appropriate assistance under the danger of real threat.

The mechanisms existing within the framework of the Law – warning, the decision for emergency intervention, protective decision – are aimed at preventing violence, protecting the survivor.  

The survivors often apply to support centers but not immediately to an attorney. It has a positive effect as the woman first receives psychological assistance, come to psychological balance, after which the legal process begins, in case of the need. The Center’s lawyers and attorneys being familiar with the case, the psychological state of the woman, work more easily with the case than specialists in the field who mainly have cases with administrative issues.

It is also important to note the cooperation of the attorney with police and other state institutions for getting the relevant documents and information.

It should be noted that in some cases the reconciliation of family becomes possible due to behavioral changes of family members through getting information on their rights and receiving appropriate support․

As a result of the discussion, the means and mechanisms that enable the effective protection of women’s rights were identified.

“Women human rights defenders stepping up against gender based violence in Armenia” (2020-2022) project is implemented by the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women with the financial support of the European Union․


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